Banjo Lessons

Our banjo lessons introduce you to basic chords, fingerpicking, strums, tuning, and rolls. We focus on building skills rather than rote memorization, which will enable you to more readily be able to play music with other musicians. Many schools or teachers tend to teach solos rather than building the proper skills that will carry your playing to the next level.

After you’ve learned these basics, there are huge repertoires of simple songs that you can play along with, either recorded or live with others. This fundamental type of instruction provides a solid foundation for growth, while reducing frustration with the instrument and maximizing satisfaction. And, it’ll ultimately make those solos a lot easier and better!

Private lessons scale depending on skill level and subsequent duration of lessons.

  • Beginner Lessons: 30 minutes/weekly, tuition: $140/mo
  • Intermediate Lessons: 45 minutes/weekly, tuition: $185/mo
  • Upper Intermediate-Advanced: 60 minutes/weekly, tuition: $270/mo

Select the type of lessons you’d like to attend, or call +1 (720) 251-2157 to discuss details.